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Data Security & Backup
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CaterSOFT Data Servers
are located in a
State of the art
Data Centre Facility
in West Midlands
with High-Speed Internet
Connectivity & Backup
CaterSOFT Data Servers are located in a highly secured data centre facility in Studley, West Midlands. Facility has an extensive CCTV coverage, all of which is monitored by highly trained security staff. Facility operates a controlled access system, so only the authorised personnel and technicians are allowed to administer the servers. 100% up-time is one of the key element that we have achieved in the past 5 years.

Data Backup is the mission critical aspect in our business. We operate highly advanced backup systems, which allows us to backup the data online for 4 times a day (0100, 1000, 1400, 1700) and keep the backup copies for 90 days. Backups are stored in two geographically diversified locations, they are within the data centre facility itself and 100 Miles away from the data centre facility. So whatever happens data is still well protected!

Follow the below link for more details about the data centre facility.