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CaterSOFT Bookings Manager

Manage your bookings with the most advanced catering software

CaterSOFT is an end-to-end all inclusive centralised CRM system for catering companies, event planner and venues. It can help you to respond to the sales leads faster and send beautiful proposals to customers at a click of a button. You and your staff can work together remotely and deal with the business more effectively!

Enquiries Management & Bookings Diary

A simple to use enquiry management system helps you to create and follow-up the sales leads from either existing customers or new customers. Setup automated reminders to chase the customers and turn the leads in to business. You can use our plugin to get enquiries directly from your website.

Bespoke Event Proposals

Send the stylish and informative event proposals to the customers with a single click of a button. Setup multiple templates based on the type of event and personalise with customer details & requirements.

Design to suit your branding.

Pricing Calculation Tools

CaterSOFT offers 5 varieties of automated quoting tools. Whether you quote your customer as a package, or price individually for each item - we got tools to help you. We have developed templates for packages, and separate tools for selecting Food Items, Drinks and Equipment Hire. Plus a separate tool for staffing provision.

Payment Schedule & Tracking

CaterSOFT has made the payment system very easy. You can ask for a one-off payment for the smaller events. Or take multiple deposits upfront and a final balance before the event. And it is completely flexible. You can ask for a percentage or fixed value.

And CaterSOFT will send you the reminders when the payments are due.

Built-in Invoicing

CaterSOFT allows you to raise an invoice and send it to your customer straight from the system. There are invoice templates available that you can personalise to suit your branding.

* Or you can use our automated invoicing system to schedule your daily or weekly invoicing. Scheduler will raise and email the invoices to your customers.

Event Sheet Printing

This is a neat little module that'll help you plan everything you need to run an event. CaterSOFT will automate an event plan that will tell you the schedule, guest seating, staff uniforms, seating, service equipment required and so on. So, no more scribblings, word documents and excel sheets – it'll all be there at the click of a button.

Tasks & Alerts

Create appointments such as customer meetings, venue visits, tasting sessions or even automate these regular tasks with the built-in Task Scheduler and receive the auto reminders.

Also you can create custom reminders for you and your staff.

Staff Scheduling

CaterSOFT helps you to strongly associate your fulltime and part-time staff to your business and utilise them in the best possible manner.

Create unlimited staff accounts for all your chefs, waiters and part-time staff. Find & allocate staff to events and automatically email or SMS their shift details.

Reports & Dashboards

See the detailed growth reports of buffet orders. How many new customers joined the business. How the existing customers are using your services. Immediately spot if any customers are fading away.

Periodical sales reports give you the complete picture about your business.

Tailor-made bookings management solution for your business

The most comprehensive, cloud based catering & event booking management software for all catering professionals and venues.


For wedding and outside


For sports clubs, conference and event

Drop & Go

For corporate buffet deliveries, university and hospitals

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