CaterSOFT - Drop & Go

The ultimate all-in-one bookings system for managing your catering business

Taking Orders

Entering the buffet orders in to CaterSOFT is very easy. A one page Create Order form is provided to input the order. Finding the existing customer is very easy or you can create a new customer from the same page. A lunch buffet order can be created in less than 3 minutes.

Online Customer Portal

CaterSOFT offers an optional Customer Portal to allow your customers to place orders directly from the comfort of their desk. This will remove the hassle of receiving the orders via email or phone and the errors in order delivery. You can offer standard and special menus to the customer.

Orders Diary

The purpose-built orders diary offers a quick overview of day, week or month bookings with an easy to find 'Search' box. The monthly calendar helps to quickly go to the required date and see the orders. Each order is displayed with Delivery Date, Time, Amount, Contact, Invoice & Payment Status.

Dynamic Menu System

Bringing your business in to CaterSOFT is very easy. At CaterSOFT we understand that your business is the food packages that you offer. We have built various tools to help you seamlessly bring yor menus in to our system and still offer all the options and give the choice to the customer to choose.

Drinks & Extras

Along with the menu packages, we have a separate area for you to build all your non menu products such as Cakes & Coffees.

You can also include Savouries, Bakery, Sweets, Snacks and Disposables.

Production System

This is a star feature in CaterSOFT.

This is a neat little module that'll help you plan everything you need to deliver the orders for a given day. This clever piece of the system will collate all the orders and prints the list.

Delivery Zone Setup

Setup delivery zones and group your customers in to the zones based on their location.

Once the customers are grouped, it will be easy for you to generate delivery sheets and run the deliveries with the help of 'Delivery Schedule'.

Delivery Schedule

Tell CaterSOFT which drivers are working on the given day. So that CaterSOFT can automatically produce a delivery schedule for you based on drivers and delivery zones.

If required, you can edit the schedule for some bookings.

Delivery Driver Tracking

You always want to know where your driver is right now and how long it takes to deliver the next order. So that you can answer the customer's urgency.

It is now possible with the CaterSOFT's innovative tracking technology. You can see live location of your drivers from your head office on the map.

Customer Management System

CaterSOFT gives you the access to centralised customer database. Whether it is a one-off private customer, or a business customer such as a local company with repeat buffet orders.

Just click on the customer to view their complete booking history with notes, invoices, payments, and menu history.


CaterSOFT allows you to raise an invoice and send it to your customer straight from the system. There are invoice templates available that you can personalise.

* Or you can use our automated invoicing system to schedule your daily or weekly invoicing. Scheduler will raise and email the invoices to your customers.

Payment Gateway Integration

Taking payments from customers is now so easy with CatersoftPAY. We provide merchant account and integrate in to CaterSOFT system. You will send a pay-link to your customer, so that they will click the link and pay online with credit card.

The amount will credit in to your bank account directly and reconcile with your accounting system.

Accounts Integration

Transfer all your invoices from CaterSOFT in to your favourite accounting software. At the moment CaterSOFT supports the following cloud based accounting systems

Quickbooks, Xero, Sage & FreeAgent (UK)

Bulk Mail Marketing

Keep your customers up-to-date with the information about your refreshed menus. You can use CaterSOFT mail engine to send mailshots to your existing customers.

Whether it's a Christmas flyer or a new menu launch - send them a shot!

Sales Reports

See the detailed growth reports of buffet orders. How many new customers joined the business. How the existing customers are using your services. Immediately spot if any customers are fading away.

Periodical sales reports give you the complete picture about your business.